Monday, April 4, 2011

Dwarf Warrior

Hi all, here's a personal work that I've done trying to do a low-poly game character. Thanks to Bram for the character design. It took me about a month on and off working on this character, from modeling,sculpting,texture,rig,lighting, to compositing.
I'm looking forward to work on more low-poly characters in the future :D
Hope you like this piece.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Poison Rein - WIP 01

This is a personal work, where I saw my friend Kobe who is currently working in Ubisoft Singapore posted some of his doodles in Facebook.
I then asked his favor to develop 1 of his quick sketch with some preferences I gave him so I could do the modeling for it.
The img on the left is the concept design from him and the imgs on the right are the model blocking I did. Do wait for more wips!! cheers xD
Suntory Boss Coffee TVC

Here's another recent job done in Flystudio.
For this job I'm involved in lighting n compositing for some scenes.
It was a new experience doing this job especially when I went to the shooting session in Putrajaya for collecting camera tracking info and lighting references.