Friday, February 27, 2009

March'09 Showreel
I'd just updated on my new showreel x)
Have a look on it here! x)

Thanks for viewing. xD
To have a bigger size you can go to my youtube link here.
Youtube has changed into HD..i can't seem to upload the original size properly, sorry for the inconvenience but the video's clearer and brighter there! x)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Animation Training 3

Try bouncing 2 balls with different weight!
A light ball VS heavy ball x)

comments are welcomed!

Friday, February 20, 2009

The Tank
Here's a work which I actually did like...2 months ago? and didnt touch it for quite some time..
opened the file again n did some touch up earlier just now.

it's a Japanese tank, built during the 1940s. so i went looking for the blue print.
a friend gave me this website and i find it really useful -

so, i got my 1st step, getting the blue-prints.

then i look for the life reference, to see more details.
Note that your references' size have to be big enough! so u could enlarge to see clearer details..

n then i start searching for CG references to compare, how other artists build/design their tanks.

next, i start going into Maya and model!
1st i build the tank's head, then the body, and finally the wheels x)

and finally it's done!! but not textured yet. lol

here's the one with textures, lighting, rendered and composite.
i hope you like it x)
Comments are mostly welcomed!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Animation Training 2
Here's my bouncing ball!
the plan, blocking, n the before and after critique version x)

and another keypose!

keypose in 3D.

still have room for improvement. x)
Animation Training 1
This blog is created for my works, sketches, or any sharing regarding the CG industry xD

recently I've been trying to improve my animation.
so, back to basics, Keypose x)

reference that I found.
3D character pose.

comments are welcomed! x)